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Our activity has five strategic lines:

  • Technical support to the “Society and Protected Areas Programme 2020”.

The Society and Protected areas Programme 2020 is the strategic document that EUROPARC-Spain promotes for the improvement and development of Spanish protected areas. This Programme is the result of a thorough debate within the EUROPARC-Spain organization. The Foundation, in partnership with EUROPARC-Spain, assesses and develops projects in order to achieve the goals of the Programme.

  • Training

Natural areas managers face unique challenges. Protecting natural resources requires an extensive breadth of expertise.  The Foundation designs and offers different training programmes and specialised courses (graduate-level and continuing-education) covering the topics identified as most important by practitioners in the field.

  • Dissemination and communication

Dissemination activities are intended to foster scientific knowledge regarding ecology and protected area management among different audiences.  Our activities include conferences, technical meetings, databases and publications (leaflets, posters, guidebooks).

  • The legacy of  Fernando González Bernáldez

Our objective is to maintain the legacy of Fernando González Bernáldez and revitalize it through seminars, conferences, and updated projects that promote his memory and his work. The Foundation holds the Fernando González Bernáldez Archive.

  • International cooperation

The Foundation designs and implements international projects in partnership with other organizations, mostly in Europe and Latin America. Recent projects include the organization of training courses for Latin American managers, participation in GRUNDTVIG and SUDOE projects, and active participation in international networks of nature conservation and sustainable tourism.